Elvie Double Breastpump Review

B Loves: Great technology and a small size but as a double pump

Though this is one of the more expensive pumps on the market, it does have some unique points, the main one of which is that it is designed to be wearable. It’s also fairly quiet and the lack of wires means you can move around freely while pumping,

The Elvie is a double electric breast pump that is designed to fit inside your bra, so you can express hands-free. It arrives with two pumps, which Elvie calls The Hub, four 150ml collection containers which can be used in the dishwasher, fridge and freezer and four lids for short-term storage.

You also get two each of the 24mm and 28mm breast shields (you can buy a 21mm shield separately), plus a pair each of spouts, valves and bra adjusters. It comes with two storage bags and there are USB cables for charging the pumps.

To use, you slip the Hub inside your bra and start pumping, It has adjustable suction, so you’ll probably want to start softly with the two-phase stimulation and expression mode to encourage let-down, and then you can turn it up through seven different settings as you go.

It recharges in two hours.

What’s great about the pump is that the lack of wires and parts makes it easy to use and there is less to put together – or to lose! Though you can move about and do some chores while pumping, you might prefer the peace of sitting quietly to express. It is an easier pump to use for women who go back to work, due to its small size and it’s light to transport.

Setting the pump up is fairly easy and there are clear instruction in use and on which parts need to be sterilised. Elvie’s website has lots of helpful videos to assist you. One of the things you’ll need to do is to work out which shield fits you best, so a little trial and error may be needed. It may be easier for the pump to leak, as you have yo remove it from inside your bra when you’ve finished, rather than just taking it off your breast.

There’s an app that you can download to use on your phone and this says it can monitor how much milk you express – though as you an actually se that, you may no find I useful

The Small Print:

  • Volume it contains 150 ml
  • Type of pump: electric
  • Adjustable suction: yes