Hauck Alpha Highchair Review

B Loves: The beautiful appeal of natural wood

This highchair will be long lasting and looks beautiful, made as it is from sustainable wood. The seat will grow with your little one and not only can it be used for years but it will still be gowing strong many babies later. It is very easy to use and is very functional, as the seat and footrest height can be adjusted as your child gets taller. The seat has a harness for safety and a front bar and because it does not have a large tray, you can pull it right up to the dining table so that your child can eat at the table with the whole family.  This bar and the straps can be removed as your little one no longer needs them and you then just adjust the seat and footrest to suit. The seat has three positions and the footrest has five. It will fit your child from about six months up to about ten years.

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