Hauck Lounger Bouncer Review

B Loves: Comfortable and sturdy

This clean and sleek baby bouncing seat is great for a modern or a traditional looking home and comes in a small range of subtle colours.
The seat bounces with the motion of the baby’s arms and legs, so the more they bounce and squirm, the more the seat will bounce. It will be secure as it has a strong and reliable base that will not roll and the seat itself is made from quality fabric that is deeply padded for comfort.
It can be used right from birth and you can continue to put your baby in it until they are around five months, old. It’s great for sleep time and play time alike and the backrest can be adjusted into one of three positions, so you can have it sitting more upright when your baby is awake and ready for action, or have it reclined for soothing time or sleep.
The three-point harness keeps your child held safely in the seat and when you don’t want a bouncing motion – perhaps when you are feeding your baby – you can lock it into a stationery position. There are two carrying handles so you can take it with you around your home.

The small print:

  • Suitable from: birth to five months (11kg)
  • Weight: 2.5kg

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