iCoo Acrobat review

B Loves: Light as a buggy but with the functions of a pram, this is a luxurious pushchair.


icoo acrobat

Seat: The seat and the fabrics just yell ‘luxury.’ Inside the seat is a real leather seat pad including a head rest, plus a leather bumper bar that is removable. There is a fully adjustable five point harness with chest and crotch pads – just one push of the botton on the buckle opens it quickly and easily. The foot rest can be raised for small babies and for when they want to nap, a quick squeeze of the bar underneath lowers it in line with the pushchair’s frame and provides a good place for your toddler’s feet to rest. As the lower part of this rest is just plastic, it will be easy to clean.

To recline the seat, find the button on the rear of the seat and simply press on the button. It has many different recline positions, so it’s easy enough to find one to suit your child. The hood is generous, as is the seat, and if it’s hot you could unclick the back of the hood to allow for air to flow through the seat whilst still keeping your baby in the shade. For days when the sun is low in the sky, the canopy can be pulled right in front of your child. On the back of the hood is a large, clear plastic viewing window so that you can keep an eye on your child; it does not have a cover, so it might be worth investing in a shade like the SnoozeShade to keep things dark when you want your baby to sleep in the pushchair. There is also a handy zipped pocket on the lower side of the canopy’s rear, perfect for storing much-needed items.

The seat is forwrad-facing only but with the footrest raised and the seat reclined fully flat, it is suitable for newborns.

There are six colour ways: Copper Blue, Copper Green, Copper Black, then on a black chassis, Fishbone Blue, Fishbone Black and Fishbone Bordeaux. The Fishbone models look like a rather luxurious tweed.

Chassis: The chassis is made from lightweigh aluminium and is a fairly standard shape, with the bronze accents on the bar that runs from the front wheel to the handle.  Available in an eye-catching copper coloured frame or one in matte black, the handle is covered with the same luxurious leather as the seat liner and bumper bar. It can be adjusted by pushing a button on the centre of the chassis and turning a part of the bar and it will be good for taller or shorter parents alike – it can go as high as 40cm from the ground. The shopping basket, while not enormous, is fairly generous considering what a compact pushchair this is and it can be accessed from the rear or the sides. The brake is handily placed between the back wheels on the chassis, so it’s easy to see and just a simple push up or down activates it.

Folding is almost as simple as adjusting the handle – in fact, you start by pushing and turning the button on the handle as if you were moving the handle’s position; push it all the way down into the chassis and the pushchair will automatically fold down. You can do this one-handed! It locks together when folded and will stand on its own. To unlock, unclip the side clip that comes together when you fold the pushchair and then pull up again on the handle.

Wheels: Unusally for a stroller, the larger wheels are on the front – but as these will hit any bumps or rocks first, it makes sense. They can be locked or can swivel and they have reflectors to help out on dark evenings, plus LED reflectors for additional safety. They are solid wheels but as the chassis has good suspension, the ride will still be comfortable. The smaller rear wheels are set close together, which means that those with longer legs can walk with a foot either side of them, avoiding catching their feet on the wheels.

Extras: As it comes complete with the car seat, foot muff and rain cover, there’s not much else you’ll need. There is, however, an additional seatpad you can add, plus a transport bag for times when you’re flying or want to store it.

The Small Print:

  • Used from: Birth
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Seat reclines: Multiple
  • Size when folded: 66 x 51 x 33 cm

Car seat: The pushchair comes with a matching car seat – there is also a car seat base that stays in the car.