iCoo Grow With Me 123 review

B Loves: One frame, three modes and a product that lasts from birth to around three years.

This is a clever little product that uses one frame for three different accessories, allowing you to save some kit from birth to three years. It also means that each element is at a good height for the parent, making it much easier for new mums, especially if you’ve had stitches or a Caesarean, reach your baby without too much stopping.

The frame

A lightweight aluminium frame reminiscent of pushchair frames is the base of all three pieces. It folds flat for travel and storage and has wheels so that you can move it around your home (thought you should never do this while your baby is in it). Each of the three pieces is able to click onto the frame easily.

The bassinet

A warm, well ventilated and cosy place for your baby to sleep during the first few months, this is a neat and compact size and so it’s ideal to pull up next to your bed when you are going to sleep. It’s also a good height so that you can lift your baby out for a feed and is more sturdy than a Moses basket. It’s well padded around the sides and comes with a nice thick mattress too. Mesh panels at the sides allow for more ventilation and for your baby to look around too – plus you can always see what she’s up to, even if you’re lying down.

The bouncing chair

This is the next piece you can fit on the frame and it is well padded again and has a wedge shaped head support pillow and a three-point harness that will keep your baby safe. At the bottom, near your baby’s feet is a control panel. Firstly, you can plug in the MP3 player so that you can play music or stories to your baby and this sits neatly inside the pouch at the front. There are also controls to make the seat vibrate, which will help soothe a fractious baby off to sleep. The seat reclines, so your baby can be sitting up when she’s awake and lying much flatter when she’s asleep. The frame contracts down so that the baby is at a lower position when you need them to be – for example, next to you on the sofa.

The highchair

The last piece of the puzzle is the highchair. The seat again clips onto the frame and this seat is well designed to allow your baby to sit in a good position for weaning and digestion. There’s an adjustable foot support and a well padded back and bottom part, with a wide and comfortable harness. The tray clips off and has an internal tray so that if you have a messy weaning session, you can take off the top one and there’s still a generous tray for playing. Both are dishwasher safe and can be removed completely if you want your baby at the table with you. To make it easier for you to get your baby in and out, the front bar and post that goes between the legs can be rotated out of the way.


The small print:

  • Suitable for: birth to 15 kg
  • Height positions: two
  • Reclines: yes




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