Joie Spin Safe Review

B Loves: You can easily get your baby in from either side with its spin feature; rearward facing to 18kg

One of the safest car seats of its kind, the Joie Spin Safe has a sturdy reinforced frame, with adaptable inserts that allow the seat to grow with your child and a clever 900 spin. It can be used from birth to 18kg. It’s compact and will be able to fit in most cars.

While some multi-stage car seats can be very cumbersome, the Spin Safe has managed to come in at a shade under 13kg, which is not too bad at all and will allow you to move it from one car to another fairly easily. It fits in many cars, too, so you won’t usually have a problem there. As it has a 90-degree spin, you can turn it to face either side of the car so that getting your child in and out will be even easier. Turning the seat is easy, with a mechanism you can use with just one hand – that’s useful if you have your baby in the other!

It’s simple to fit into your car using ISOFIX and you can install and leave it there, and it will be safe for every journey. If you need to move it, the lighter weight of this seat compared to others will make it easier. The support leg has an incredible 19 positions, to fit any car floor.

The seat has six recline positions so that you can find a comfy position for your little one. Inside the seat is a good five-points harness with chest and crotch patches for comfort.

Safety is the first priority with Joie and the Spin safe has lots of great safety features. The frame is reinforced with steel and there is good protection from side impact with Joie’s Guard Surround Safety. There are grow-with-me inserts that mean that it will fit even a newborn baby, which can be removed as your baby grows. They will support your baby in the correct position and also make it comfortable. On each side are Guard Surround Safety side impact protection panels which lock outwards when you have engaged and done up the harness. These also help absorb impact in a crash.

The Tri-Protect™ headrest has three layers of protection in its generous wings, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam. The seat has good ventilation to keep your baby from over-heating.

The headrest and harness system can be adjusted with one-hand and has six positions – they Grow Together™ and adjust simultaneously as your baby grows. You never need to re-thread the harness.

This seat allows your child to be rearward facing right up to 19kg- the safest way for your child to travel. This will keep your little one even more protected in the event of an impact. It has passed the Plus Test certification, one of the most rigorous car seat tests which tests for fast speeds and rapid deceleration such as would be found in a real crash. It has also passed i-Size tests too.

The Small Print:

  • Used from: Birth to 18 kg
  • Weight: 12.8 kg
  • Fitting: with Isofix