JuJuBe XY Vector Changing Bag Review

B Loves: Stylish and understated and perfect for Dads who want a more simple bag

Getting your other half to take the baby out for a walk early on a Sunday while you have a lie-in is tricky enough – but it may become more problematic if you thrust a floral changing bag at him too. Luckily, he can stay in touch with his inner hipster if you treat him to this really quite stylish and masculine changing bag that he can have all as his own.

jujube xy vector

Designed by Joe, the owner of JuJuBe, the bags are all machine washable, which is great if you have a small spillage inside it of baby food (or worse), Teflon-coated to make it last longer and the lining is anti-microbial too, for peace of mind. It’s also a light grey inside, making it easier to see what’s inside.

There are plenty of pockets, so starting with the main one, there is a large central space were you can put lots of different things such as a change of clothes, food and nappies. To make it even easier to access the interior, the main pocket has one zip at the side, so you can have quite a wide opening when you need to find something right at the bottom.

There are also a few separate pockets inside this main space; a large slip-in space at the back that perfect for a laptop or tablet, which has two mesh pockets on its front side and matching pockets opposite on the front lining. Then there are two further mesh pockets on each side at the bottom, which would be good for a water bottle or flask. On the front inside, there is another pocket that is zipped and perfect for things like your phone or keys.

The ‘lid’ of the main pocket has its own zipped pocket which is good for storing the memory foam changing mat (included with the bag).

On the oustide, the pocket tally continues as follows: a front pocket with a zip, inside of which are two mesh pockets and a key ring for your house keys. Each side has a pockets with zip, with various different areas inside of them. Finally, on the back there is a ‘secret’ zipped pocket that’s big enough for a large phone, iPad Mini or a notebook and it’s nice and safe, as it’s against your body when you’re wearing it. You should always beware of putting valuables in any easily accessible pockets as you might get pickpocketed.

The hardware is chrome with a good solid feel to it and the main pocket closes with magnets.

On the back are two rucksack-style straps with plenty of padding and the rear of the back is also padded nicely and is made from cooling and wicking tricot fabric. The straps are set quite wide – great for a maculine torso, though if you’re using this and have a slimmer frame, it might feel as if it is about to slip off your shoulders. However, there’s a clever strap you can fasten across the chest to make it feel more secure.

Overall, this is a good and well thought-through bag with plenty of space. It will cope with all you need for a ong day out and its rucksack style means it leaves your hands free for dealing with your little one. It comes in three great colours – Carbon, which is black, Gray Matter and Gene, which is a blue denim effect.

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