Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breastpump Review

B Loves: The closed pump system mans milk does not enter the tubes, saving more for your baby

Lansinoh’s small and neat single electric pump is a great choice if you want something that’s very simple to use at home or when travelling.

The pump has a good ‘closed’ pump system which means that milk will not leach into the tubes, which could compromise cleanliness and also waste precious milk. It also ensures that the pump’s suction is efficient.

It can be used plugged into the mains for home use, or you can purchase a powerbank for when you want to use it out of the home or where the cable won’t reach.

In use, the pump has two phases that have been designed to stimulate your breasts to let down your milk and also to match to your baby’s natural sucking.

First, it employs the ‘let down’ phase, with short, rapid suction actions to start off your milk flow. Next is the expression’ phase with deeper, slower suction. The LED display helps you choose the right mode for you and as it’s lit, you can use it in dimmer light.

Included with the pump are a Lansinoh NaturalWave Teat which helps your baby feed in a similar way to breastfeeding and so as not to interfere with breastfeeding.There is also a ComfortFit breast cushion included.

The pump is dishwasher and microwave safe.