Mamas and Papas Juice Highchair Review 

B Loves: Transforms from a highchair to a child’s chair
Juice from Mamas and Papas is a contemporary highchair with a simple white base and chrome coloured trim and it is not just a highchair – it can change into a junior chair, too. As a highchair, it has a well padded seat which is washable and is shapes to provide a comfortable seated position to ensure your baby’s developing spine is supported. and it is easy to keep clean with just a quick wipe. It has a decent harness, though you may find it a little hard to reach the buckle, as it is positioned behind the crotch bar. It has a tray for food, snacks and toys and the legs bring it to a height suitable for feeding a baby at the table, though it may not be possible to bring the baby right up to the table, depending on your kitchen arrangements, as the legs are quite widely spaced. There is a footrest to give good support for baby’s legs and feet, rather than leaving them dangling. The tray can be removed from the frame if you prefer. When your child is able to toddle and feed himself, you can take off the bottom part of the chair’s legs, the crotch bar and the tray to transform it into a small chair. There are three colours, teal, raspberry and apple.

The small print
Suitable for: 6 months to 4 or 5 years.
Seat positions: 2
Recline positions: none

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