Medela Swing Flex Electric Breastpump

B Loves: lightweight, easy to use and with adjustable suction

Medela pumps have a great reputation – no wonder they are so often used in hospitals. The Swing Flex, based on the popular Swing pump has a new funnel and shield for maximum pumping comfort. It offers a choice of suction levels, so that it will comfortable whether you’re at the let-down stage or mid-pump. The newly designed shield helps to prevent your milk ducts from getting compressed, meaning more milk will be able to come out easily. Adjust as you go and you’ll also find that once you have been using it for a while, you can turn up the pump suction higher and express quicker. The shield and 150ml storage receptacle with lid are connected via the PersonalFit Flex connector to the mains-supplied (or battery powered) motor unit, which has a pleasing hand sized circular shape. There are two shields, 21mm and 24mm in size, so you can choose the one that fits you best and they have a soft, oval shape and can be rotated 360 degrees. There’s also a stand for the milk container when you have finished pumping, to avoid spills. The pump is lightweight and has been designed to be easy to use; we recommend spending some time with the instruction manual when you first get it, to be sure you know how to put it together and take it apart for sterilising. You can even buy an additional accessory to allow you to pump hands-free. It’s also very simple to clean.

In use, there are two phases of expression that mimic the way your baby sucks, which helps you to get going, as it will help to stimulate your milk flow. You can turn up the strength of the suction to suit you and adjust it as you go. It’s logical to use, with just a few parts, and easy to both assemble and use. The other thing that’s good about this pump is that it’s very quiet.

It does not come with its own storage bag, so you may want to choose a small cool bag to keep the pump and the milk you produce in it.

The Small Print:

  • Volume it contains 150 ml
  • Type of pump: electric
  • Adjustable suction: yes