Phil and Teds Traveller review

B Loves: able to be used indoors and pout – perfect for the garden or festivals

The great thing about buying a travel cot is that is has more than one function. Your baby can sleep in it, at home and when you’re away or in the garden and it’s great for freeing you up to be able to get out and about with your baby. Take some familiar things like their sleeping bag or a favourite muslin and they should sleep as well as at home. It can be used as a playpen too – when your baby is awake and alert, [op some interactive toys in there and he can play to his heart’s content. Just be sure to remove them for nap and night times. It’s also a handy place to store toys and other items like the baby gym during the day, so as not to leave them strewn across the bedroom or living room floor.

A lightweight travel cot is a bonus – after all, you have to carry it and your baby to where you’re going. The phil&teds traveller weighs just 2.8kg, so it’s great for this. It also folds up into a compact package (68 x 25 x 20cm) when not in use, so it’s easy to store in the car boot or even in a suitcase! It has its own case with a carry strap to make it easier to get from one place to another. The frame is light yet strong and it is easy to assemble the travel cot quickly. It is a good size, with tall sides and has a good sized sleeping space of 115 x 57 x 66cm. The slightly a-line shape of the Traveller alos means that it is quite sturdy and will be fine for older children to stand up in it without the risk of it tipping.

Phil and teds traveller

The sides are made from light and breathable mesh, so not only can you see what your baby’s doing at all times, but he can also see out, making interaction between you easier.

There is an optional mesh top that you can add when you’re outdoors, that will not only offer some additional shade but will protect your baby against biting insects too.

Phil and teds traveller The side can be zipped right down, so during play time you can have a blanket with some toys on it just outside the Traveller. This will encourage your baby to crawl and reach for his toys.

The mattress is not the thin, hard version you get with some cheaper travel cots but is made from a thermally-insulated material and it is inflatable – in fact, it inflates itself, so no time wasted on foot pumps or (horror) blowing it up. It’s a good thickness and insulates your baby well from the ground, so if it’s quite cold underfoot, your baby will remain a little warmer. Fitted into the frame of the cot to ensure it is suspended a little above the base, it is attached with loops and hooks. It is covered with a washable fitted sheet that’s Oeko-tek certified as organic and free from hazardous chemicals.

Add some extra sheets for trips away.