Philps Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor SCD620

B Loves: Good range and clear video screen

This monitor offers secure connection using Adaptive FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology which ensures your privacy and means the parent and baby unit connect to each other instantly.

The screen is high resolution, 2.7” wide and offers a good, clear image, even at night when it uses infra-red, which it switches to automatically as the light fades.

The monitor has five lullabies that help you soothe your baby off to sleep and you can also calm your little one with the talk-back feature from another room.

The parent unit uses rechargeable batteries that last up to 10 hours; there’s also an eco-saving mode that means that the close the parent unit gets to the baby unit, the less battery power it uses. This helps save the battery and gives you a longer time without having to recharge it. It also switches off the audio and visual transmissions if your baby is quiet and peaceful, switching them back on if your baby makes a sound.

As well as being able to see and hear your baby, you can also use the LED lights instead of sound if you prefer; the louder your baby’s sounds, the more lights will come on to alert you that your baby needs attention.

The range indoors of 50 metres and that increases to 300 metres in the garden. There is an out-of-range warning, lights to tell you the battery is charging or is running low and you can adjusts the sensitivity of the audio and light settings.

The baby unit, which is mains powered only, can be placed on a flat surface in the nursery, or can be wall-mounted. The angle of the camera can be adjusted for the best view of your baby. The parent unit has a handy belt clip and can be mains or battery powered.

The Small Print

  • Monitor type: Digital
  • Video display? Yes
  • Temperature display? No
  • Talkback feature? Yes
  • Range: 50m indoors, 330m outdoors


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