Silver Cross Coast Review

B Loves: One of the lightest single-to-doubles on the market

silver cross coast

This high-end pushchair starts life as a single pushchair that can be used with the seat unit, carrycot or car seat on it. When your family grows, you can add a second seat or car seat to carry two children. There’s even a ride-on board that means you could push three children. It’s as good for twins as it is for siblings of different ages and there are an amazing 27 configurations options. Silver Cross calls this the ‘One Plus One System.’ It has a contemporary, urban vibe and the fabrics are chic and pay homage to the company’s heritage, as they are chosen to look traditionally British and high-end.

Carrycot: The luxurious-looking and generously sized carrycot is ventilated and suitable for overnight sleeping, so you can take this on trips away from home in place of a travel cot while your little one is small. It has a lining made from a bamboo fabric, which has natural antibacterial qualities. This can prevent your baby from overheating. When placed on the chassis, it can be put in one of two height positions, one of which brings your baby higher up, so it’s easier to interact. The carrycot has a hood with UPG50+ protection from the sun (this can also be used on the seat) and an apron to keep your baby cosy and it is covered with Silver Cross’ signature fabrics that have a hand-rendered texture and gorgeous little details. It has a bumper bar that can also be used when you switch to the seat unit and you can use the seat’s rain cover and insect net on this unit too.

silver cross coast

Seat: The seat unit can be used from birth right up to 25kg and has a three position backrest, including a completely flat position, so that your baby can nap on the go; you can adjust the position using just one hand. There is an adjustable calf support section that supports your child’s legs. The seat can be placed on the chassis to face the front or the parent with a simple movement and, like the carrycot, it can be used in a higher or lower position. The lower position is great If you’re out for a long walk and want to get your baby off to sleep and the higher one is good for times when your little one is awake and alert and wants to be able to play with you – and also to help you avoid backache when getting your child in and out of the pushchair. The hood, is the same one you used on the carrycot, so it protects up to UPF50+ and it also has a pull-out sun visor and air vents to keep your little one protected from the elements, yet cool in summer and there’s a viewing window on the back, so you can keep an eye on your little one when the seat’s in the forward-facing position. Inside the seat are a luxury jersey seat liner that is padded for additional comfort, plus a five-point safety harness with soft jersey pads for the shoulders and the crotch area. Again, all fabrics are high quality and feel soft and yet are easy to care for and durable. It comes with a rain cover to protect your little one and a mosquito net too (they can also be used on the carrycot). There’s a cup holder also included in the price, which can be attached on either the left or the right hand side according to your preference.

silver cross coast

Chassis: The sleek black satin chassis is made from a strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy and features four-way suspension for comfort over even bumpy ground. There is an adjustable handle (between 91 and 107cm) that can be moved to suit your height and comfort and it is covered with a lovely leatherette, which makes holding it very comfortable. The chassis folds quickly and easily and is free standing when folded. Underneath is a generous shopping basket, which will hold all you need for a day out and you’d get quite a bit of shopping under there, too. To fold, put your fingers into the holes on each side of the chassis, while holding a button down on the right. The chassis collapses downwards and locks into place. To unfold, release the locking latch on the left and pull up on the handle. You do need two hands to fold it but you can unfold with just one. Handy if your baby has gone to sleep! It will fit into larger boots and you can remove the seat unit to make it a bit easier to get in. Overall, the chassis feels light yet the materials used mean it will also be durable, which is a very important point to consider for a single-to-double pushchair that might end up carrying three children for several years.

Wheels:  The sleek, modern looking chassis has lockable swivel front wheels for great steerability and puncture-proof rubber tyres, which means less maintenance. The wheels all come off easily if you need to store the pushchair or find it hard to get into the boot of your car. The brakes are easy to use, as you push down to lock, then push down again to release. This avoid toe scuffs and you can do it weaning sandals too.

Extras: You can also add the following to complement your pushchair: The set for an additional child costs £225 and consists of a seat unit plus adaptors. The ride on board is £95, a stand for the carrycot is £95 and the footmuff is £85. There’s also a stylish matching changing bag for £85.

Colours: Tundra, Limestone and Flint.

The small print:

  • Used from: birth to 25kg
  • Weight: 14.2kg (chassis plus seat unit)
  • Seat reclines: Three

Car seat: Silver Cross Simplicity, Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix, Maxi Cosi Pebble, Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus.