Vicks Sweet Dreams Warm Mist Humidifier Review

B Loves: Not only does it make air softer and more breathable, it can be used with Vicks  pads if your child has a cold too.

A humidifier can be a very useful addition to your household; dry air can occur not just in the heat of the summer but also in the middle of winter, made worse by the drying effects of central heating. If you have a child who has problems with breathing – for example, if they have asthma or they are suffering from a cold or flu, it can help them breathe more easily.

The Vicks VH-750 Warm Mist Humidifier is a unit specifically designed for parents and it can be used in a nursery (will be sufficient for a room up to 35m²), as it has an incredibly quiet mechanism, so it won’t wake a sleeping baby.

There are two humidity settings and it will run for around 12 hours without needing to refill the 3.8 litre tank – and the tank is really easy to fill, with an integrated carrying handle. It gives off pure steam that is free of bacteria and impurities. There’s also a handy nightlight, so it will help you check on your child at night without waking them. It’s easy to clean too and has a washable filter.

In addition, the humidifier has a night time projection setting that offers one of three three ‘Dream Themes’ – Safari, Sea and Starry Night, which are displayed on the wall or ceiling of the nursery, giving your child something soothing to look at, which is especially helpful if they are having trouble sleeping due to a cold.

When your child has a cold, you can add the VapoPad heater, used with a heating pad infused with menthol, rosemary and lavender.


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