Graco Sweet Peace Bouncer Review

B Loves: versatile seat that can be used in a number of modes and has toys and teethers to boot!

This free-standing swing uses technology to ensure that the seat is kept constantly swinging gently for as long as you need it to. The motion is designed to mimic the movement a baby feels when being carried – either in the womb or his mother’s arms – and it will calm your baby when they are getting fussy. It has six different speeds to choose from so you will always be able to find one to suit your little one and it also has vibrations with a choice of two speeds and a timer to switch the vibrations off automatically. The handy hood can be lowered to shade your baby from the sun or a light in the room. There is a socket to plug in your MP3 device, so you can play music, nursery rhymes and stories to your baby and there are also some pre-loaded sounds. On the toy tray there is a mirror so baby can play peek-a-boo and there is a toy and a teether too for entertainment. The unit can be used either as a soother with the electronic stand, or just as a stand-alone rocker if you remove the seat itself. If you’ve just got home from a trip out in the car and your baby is upset, the car seat can attach onto the stand too. It also reclines through three positions and there is a five position harness to keep your little one secure.

The small print:

  • Suitable from birth to 9 kg
  • Reclines – three
  • Vibrations? yes
  • Lullabies and sounds? yes

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