Joie Dreamer Bouncer Review

B Loves: Soft, stretchy and fits any baby or parent, any time

This is a great answer for baby wearing, especially for the fourth trimester, when your baby wants lots and lots of closeness and cuddles and it can help you get through your days without having to keep stopping to pick up your baby.

Wuti is a long, stretchy, woven wrap that offers great support for your baby and it can be adjusted to fit as they grow, with no fiddly straps or buckles to adjust. Because the fabric is nice and long, it can be used for either parent or in fact any carer, as it will fit any adult – and of course, any baby.

When your baby is in the wrap, she is held in a good and well-supported ergonomic position. The head and spine are supported, the back is curved slightly with the pelvis held in a natural position and the legs in a slight frog-leg position, which is most comfortable for a baby.

Putting the wrap on is simple, though takes practice. It essentially wraps around your torso, then the ends come across your shoulders, then the ends are crossed twice around your waist and tied. You cuddle your baby to you and slip her into the wrap one side at a time, then raise the first wrap up and across their whole back. The carrying position is nice and high, so you can kiss their head.

For very small babies with no ability to hold their head up yet, the cross-over section at the front can be raised a little higher – also good when your baby’s asleep. When they can hold their head up and are awake, you can open the front up a bit. This makes it great if you leave home with a happy, alert baby and then find that they nod off on the journey.

The wrap is comfortable for you too, as the baby’s weight is distributed across your upper body.

It takes a little practice to get used to the best way to wrap and tie the Wuti but once you have done it a few times, you’ll have mastered it. Try practicing with a teddy first! It is safe to use and has won a Best Buy from Which? It is very easy to store in a handbag if you’re going out with the pushchair but need to carry your baby after a while, as it is a breeze to fold it up nice and small.

Great as a gift, it comes in a nice looking cardboard tube which looks stylish and upmarket. It is machine washable at 40 degrees and can even be tumble dried on low and ironed on medium heat – though you don’t really need to iron it!

B Loves: So compact and easy to fold

This bouncing chair will hold your baby from birth in a comfortable position with the head raised – good for interaction with your baby and for those little ones who suffer from wind and colic, as it keeps the head higher than the body. The seat has a gentle rocking motion which you activate by giving it a little push and it also rocks when your baby moves or kicks his legs. It is great for taking from room to room (never with your baby in it) and for traveling, as it folds into a very compact size. It has a sound system that plays five lullabies and five nature sounds and it also has vibrations to help your baby get off to sleep. The cover is removable for sponge washing and there is a removable seat pad and infant body support to keep very small babies comfortable and well supported. The toy bar has two toys that will swing when your baby bats at them and it is also removable. The harness has soft padding across your baby’s torso and abdomen and all fabrics are Oeko-Tek certified organic.

The small print:

  • Suitable from birth to 9kg
  • Reclines – 3
  • Vibrations? Yes
  • Lullabies and sounds? Yes

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