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If you love yoga but don’t have the time, the childcare or the desire to squeeze into lycra to attend classes at a gym, here is a way to enjoy the benefits of yoga in the comfort of your home with specially trained teachers.

Our reviewer, Petra, is an experienced yoga practitioner and she reviewed the newest private yoga company, The Private Yogi.

Specifically for Mummies or Mummies-to-be , The Private Yogi offers Yoga Pregnancy incorporating ante- and post-natal programmes that allow Mummies to reap the benefits that yoga offers to your mind, body and spirit.

The Private Yogi has just launched a bespoke yoga service offering 60 minute sessions available to Mummies at the click of a button. Classes are only available in London and to get the best benefit from the classes, they  recommend signing up for a four-week programme of either ante- or post-natal private yoga classes.


The Private Yogi is the brainchild of former RAF military medic Charlotte Morse, 27, who swapped the battlefield for the yoga mat after a particularly tough deployment. Charlotte says yoga helped her “create inner calm and balance” at a time when life felt stressful.

She began rolling out her yoga mat in lunchbreaks at the RAF station where she was deployed and was surprised when many of her (mainly) male colleagues wanted to practice too. Her medical knowledge helped her to adapt yoga poses for those with injuries. Soon, she was teaching regular classes on the military base to burly men who were more used to marching drills than vinyasas flow.

Surprising though it sounds, Charlotte says yoga and the military culture share similarities: “Both require a level of discipline to get onto the mat every day to practice, and both require integrity…and a sense of humour sometimes!”

Now Charlotte has a new mission in life. Together with her partner Paul Artiguas, an ultra-marathon runner, she has launched The Private Yogi, offering fully qualified teachers, each with their own yoga style and equipment, across the capital to your home, office or hotel room.


Antenatal yoga: includes breathing exercises, structured gentle yoga to support the specific trimester, relaxation techniques, toning of the pelvic floor, hip and abdominal core muscles and assistance to decrease lower back pain, nausea and headaches.

Post-natal yoga:  focuses on spine re-alignment, renewal of energy and healing, promotion of stamina and strength and toning of the deep abdominal muscles.

All teachers are fully qualified, checked, insured and specialised for the above programmes.


The innovative service is easy to access and use by either booking on their website or by downloading a free App on the App Store or on Google Play.

Simply select a service, pick a teacher, date and time and make payment.



A four-week programme starts from costs £216 or £54 per week if you pay by direct debit.

Visit to find out more.



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