Six of the best baby baths

six of the best baths

You can bath baby anywhere – a baby bath, your bath – even the basin. But there are some lovely little baths just perfect for your baby’s tiny form. Here are some of our favourites

Summer Infant Lil’ Luxuries Tub

Summer Infant Lil’ Luxuries Tub £69.99

With a double wall to maintain water temperature, this has a whirlpool function plus a shower attachment. The newborn support is great for tinies.


Read about your baby’s first bath – when to give their first bath and what to use.


Aqua Scale Baby Bath & ScalesAqua Scale Baby Bath & Scales £60

Supports your baby with his head out of the water, displays the water temperature and even weighs your baby so you can check on his development.

Shnuggle bathShnuggle bath £20

This supportive bath has a bum bump to keep him in the best position with his head out of the water, a foam backrest for comfort and non-slip feet. Lovely design with a smooth roll top.

Moby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby TubMoby Smart Sling 3-Stage Baby Tub £40

Its internal mesh sling supports a newborn baby completely, then is used to aid sitting and can be removed as he grows. It’s non-slip and has a drain plug.

Chicco BathChicco Bath

Cuddle & Bubble £99 An all-in-one change and bathe station, you can make quick nappy changes or bath your baby in its generous bath. Lots of storage space for baby gear too.

Stokke® Flexi BathStokke® Flexi Bath® £37

Whether travelling or bathing baby at home, this is a compact folding bath that won’t waste water and you can use and take it anywhere – festival, anyone?

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