Spring into action with your baby


How to enjoy getting out and about with your little one in tow

Now that the weather is improving and Spring seems to be bursting out all around, it’s a great time to start getting out and about with your baby more often.

During the dark Winter months, we can all be forgiven for not wanting to go out much when it’s cold and wet. When you have a tiny new baby, it seems like so much trouble to get them all dressed up warmly, then into a pushchair or the car and many mums start to feel a little isolated.

But with the improvement in the weather, you can really start to enjoy your time with your baby. If you have not done much exercise since your little one came along, this is also a great opportunity to improve your fitness levels. A good, brisk walk each day not only gets your muscles working but being out in the fresh air – hopefully somewhere green like a park or forest – improves your sense of wellbeing too. Seeing nature bursting into life all around you, very much as your baby is growing and changing by the day, is a fantastic feeling.

Carrying your baby on these outings has lots of benefits. If you choose a supportive, hip-healthy carrier such as the Ergobaby 360, you will be able to go everywhere a pushchair can’t go. Your baby is held in a comfortable, upright position in this carrier with its unique bucket seat, in an ergonomically correct ‘frog-leg’ seating position. Your baby’s spine is n an optimal “C” position, which allows you to wear baby facing outward safely and comfortably. You can use the carrier from birth with the Infant Insert (suitable from 7-12 lbs), with your baby facing you when they are tiny, facing the world when they are bigger and then also on your hip or back as they get heavier. It lasts until your baby is 33 lbs and is one of the most versatile and longest lasting around.

It’s comfortable for you, thanks to its wide and well-padded straps and your baby’s weight is distributed across your torso, so even quite a heavy baby won’t be a strain on your neck and shoulders.

Why not organise a walking group with other new mums you may have met at your ante-natal classes? A stroll and a chat with other new mums means you can share your thoughts and feelings about your baby, as well as swapping baby care tips. You can end up at a café (no dramas with getting all your pushchair inside) and who knows – all that fresh air may help your baby sleep more easily at night.

teething padsWhy not add some extra teething pads to keep your carrier dry and fresh?

Visit the Ergobaby website for more details

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