Take a break with your baby

Take a break with your baby

B gives you the low-down on how to take a break with your baby with ease

As parents, we make compromises about what we do every day. No longer is it possible to grab a jacket, your keys and your bag and head out of the door on a whim. Now you must gather all your baby needs for the day, a spare change of clothes, toys and food, nappies and wipes – and while it may take a bit longer to get out of the house these days, we wouldn’t change a thing!

Luckily, there are lots of clever ideas that will make your life easier and some clever going-out hacks that you can adopt. There are also some amazing baby products to help make your life easier. So here’s our guide to getting out and about with your baby.

One of the things that can cause friction is that you feel you must totally change your lifestyle when you have a baby. If you used to jump on public transport, you might feel the pressure to go everywhere by car instead. Alternatively, you might dread car trips and try to avoid them.

Try to think about how you would normally live and fit your baby and their gear around that. If you like going out for long walks in the country or the forest or visit beaches regularly, look for a great baby carrier so that you can keep your baby close. When there’s an area that’s suitable for a pushchair, look for a lightweight model that has generous wheels and plenty of luggage space for your baby’s gear, like the phil&teds Smart. And choose great travel products so you can get away for a weekend or a holiday with your little one like the phil&teds Traveller and the Smart pushchair.

Day out

You’ll need:

  • In the changing bag: Nappies for the day plus a few extra; wipes or cotton wool and water; nappy sacks
  • One or two changes of clothes plus an extra layer if it gets cooler
  • 4-5 bibs if teething, to keep clothes clean
  • A muslin for burping, a favourite toy (make sure it’s secured to the pushchair to avoid losing it)
  • Hat, suncream, loose, light clothing if it’s hot


The pushchair plus rain and sun protection

Car seat if needed

Baby carrier


Weekend away

As for a day out, with extra nappies and clothes for the number of days you are going

  • Travel cot like the phil&teds Traveller plus bedding or sleeping bag
  • A small first aid kit
  • Car seat
  • Travel highchair like the phil&teds Lobster – see our one to WIN!
  • Extra blanket for the pushchair or cooler days
  • Breast pump if using, sterilising equipment
  • Snack for everyone
  • Feeding equipment if you’re weaning
  • Plastic bags for dirty items
  • Bath toys, toiletries (also, a universal bath plug is great – you can turn the bottom of the shower into a bath if there is only a shower at your destination)
  • Night light and baby monitor – a battery operated one is great for travelling

Holiday away

As for the weekend away plus

  • Passports and travel document
  • Plug adaptors
  • Travel safety equipment like a stair gate, blackout blinds
  • Swim nappies

See more ideas and tips for travelling with your baby

Smart is a great pushchair to take with you wherever you go – from a quick trip to the shops to a two-week break walking in the Lake District. Super slim, it’s just 57cm wide, so you can breeze through the gates at the station or hop on a bus with ease. It’s cleverly made so that your child’s weight is held in the centre of the chassis, making it easy to raise the front wheels for kerbs and the large wheels will tackle most terrains. It’s also one of the best pushchairs for ease-of-use, with its clever foot fold. Just press down with your foot, pull down on the handle and it collapses in the flash of an eye. It has an adjustable handlebar and the brake is conveniently located on the handlebar – no more squinting down at the bottom of the frame to find the brake and no more scuffed shoes! It has a comfortable seat that goes completely flat for newborns and you can use it cocoon –  a soft-shelled carrycot that keeps your newborn safe and cosy, facing you for that all-important eye to eye contact. Add a car seat for a travel system solution.

In Cyan, Raspberry, Graphite and Cherry on a smart black chassis, there’s one to suit all.

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