Ten of the best teethers

ten of the best teethers

When tiny teeth start to break through, your baby can get very uncomfortable as the erupting teeth cause pain, soreness and even fever. Here are ten of the best teethers to help your little one get through those annoying moments – plus some extra help to soothe sore gums.

  1. Matchstick MonkeyMatchstick Monkey

This quirky little teether is quite new to the market, invented by a Mummy with a passion and has already gained legions of fans, due to its unique shape. No matter where the teething pain or irritation is, your baby can find an arm, hand leg or even head on this cute little fellow that will be the right shape and size to reach it. Best of all, you can add teething granules or gel to the monkey for even more relief. Some parts of the teether are smooth and some have textures – and because your little one is using it on his or her gums, it can also get them used to the idea of a toothbrush later on.  It’s just the right shape and size for tiny fists to grip.

    1. Cheeky Chompers teething bibsCheeky Chompers teething bibs

Neckerchief-style bibs are all the rage and look cute and fashionable, so adding a teething element to this fashion-forward accessory is a genius idea. Created by two friends, Amy and Julie when they had their first babies, the company makes its bibs in the UK and has expanded its range to include a teething blanket and the Cheeky Blanket. The bibs come in lots of vibrant patterns and colours (our favourite is Dots & Stripes) and not only do they protect your baby’s clothes from dribble, milk spits – and worse – but they also allow your baby to help himself to a chew toy whenever it’s needed. It can’t be dropped on the floor either!

  1. Nibbling Gift SetNibbling Gift Set

Canadian-born Emily studied art at Central St Martin’s and started a family before starting her London-based company that brings vibrant teething jewellery to fashion-conscious Mummies who need great looking solutions to teething. Her silicone jewellery is safe to use around babies and comes in lots of great colour combinations. The turquoise gift set comprises a necklace, two bracelets and a teething toy to offer comfort to your baby at home or when out and about.

  1. Squidge and PipSquidge and Pip

Mum-of-two, Mary wanted to create not just a teething and sensory toy but something that would make a gorgeous gift for Mummies too. When her second child was born with a cleft lip and palate, she decided to incorporate aspects to her teethers that would be beneficial to babies in more ways than one. Made from medical grade silicone, these teethers can be sterilised and they come in two bright, gender-neutral colours. They are easy shapes for a baby to hold and they feature lots of textures, lumps and bumps that will help soothe those sore gums. They come in a travel pouch and are presented in beautiful packaging. They are made in Britain.

  1. Sophie La GiraffeSophie La Giraffe

This is not just a teether, it’s a friendly little toy as well and babies have been using Sophie since 1961 to soothe and chew on. No matter where the tooth is that’s causing the problem, your baby will be able to reach with one of Sophie’s legs and it’s a good size to clutch, too. It squeaks, so you can use it for playing games with your tot.

  1. Gummee Glove teething mittenGummee Glove teething mitten

If you get frustrated that every time you give your baby a teether, they drop it – this is the must-have gadget for you! Mummy Jodine recognised that babies are not great at holding onto things for long and are incapable of grasping things in the very early months, so she made this little glove that you slip onto your baby’s hand. It also protects the hand if your baby decides to chew on his fingers. At the top is a water-filled ring to chew (this is removable so it can be sterilised or popped into the fridge) and on the side is a ridged silicone tab that is great for front teeth.

  1. Gumigem Bubba Bag Tool BagGumigem Bubba Bag Tool Bag

A Mummy thought up the idea of teething necklaces and toys while on maternity leave with her second child, who chewed everything in sight! Though the company started with necklaces that double as teether, our favourite from this UK company is the tool bag. The sweet little neoprene bag is filled with four teething toys in the shape of a hammer, a saw, a spanner and a tape measure. The flexible silicone tools have different textures for chewing, their shapes are great for reaching all parts of little sore mouths and they also have a slot so that you can attach a loop and clip them to the strap of your car seat or pushchair. No more lost teethers!

  1. MAM Bite & Brush TeetherMAM Bite & Brush Teether

A loop shape is very easy for a baby to grasp from an early age, so this is a good choice if your little one starts to teeth early. It has little knobbly shapes on the loop that will help get to irritated gums and the white end has tiny bristles, which will assist with cleaning those little teeth as they come through.

  1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach TeetherTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Easy Reach Teether

This teether comes in a pack of two, so you can be cleaning one while the other is in use. It has a good shape for baby’s hands to clutch and you can apply gel or granules to some of its surfaces. There are knobbly sections for some serious chomping and smooth parts too.

  1. Nuby Ice Bite Keys TeetherNuby Ice Bite Keys Teether

All Mummies know that nothing is so good on those sore, inflamed gums as something cool. Nuby’s keys on a ring are ideal, as they can be put in the fridge and then offered to your baby just when they are needed most. Containing a gel that stays colder than just water, they can be used from three months and there are lots of places that your baby can hold onto, or pop into their little mouths for some chewing comfort. They are also lots of fun to play with and the bright colours and shapes will capture your little one’s imagination.

And a couple of aids to teething

Weleda Chamomilla granulesWeleda Chamomilla granules

Made from the root of the chamomile plant, which has soothing properties and is completely natural, these granules are designed for both colic and the pain of teething. For very young babies, dissolve the granules in cooled boiled water or put the granules in the mouth or on a teething toy for older babies and toddlers.


Nelson’s teething granulesNelson’s teething granules

The active ingredient in these homeopathic sachets is chamomilla, which has been shown to be god for reducing the fever associated with teething. You use a sachet every couple of hours (but be careful not to exceed six in 24 hours).

A word about cleanliness

Recently, a Facebook post went viral after a parent cut a teether toy in half to reveal that the inside was coated with mould. You should be aware that this is highly unusual and would only happen if the toy has been put in water and the interior has not dried. It’s best to wipe and toy or teether that has a hollow interior rather than putting it into water, as it would be almost impossible to dry it again.

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