Travel with baby

travel with baby

It’s easy if you follow a few tips and pack the right gear!

When you want to take a short break or a longer holiday away with a new baby it can be slightly daunting. After all, the tiny little creatures seem to need a whole bag full of stuff just to take a trip out to a coffee shop or NCT meet-up, so how will you possibly be able to pack for a holiday?

Try not to worry. It can actually be much simpler than you think if you do your homework and pack just the right things.

Firstly, make sure you get your baby’s passport sorted out nice and early – it can take up to three weeks to be returned from the passport office at peak times. Visit the website to find out what you need.

Knowledge is power

Firstly, get as much information about the place you are visiting as possible. If you have chosen a hotel or family-friendly resort, you’ll probably find that they have laid on almost all you need before you get there. That’s why it’s often worth choosing a place that caters especially for young families such as the Martinhal resorts in Portugal, the Robinson clubs across Europe and North Africa, or the Delphina resorts in Sardinia.


This sort of resort, and hotel, will often have highchairs, baby safety equipment, a cot or travel cot, good curtains to keep out the light and other stuff. Some even offer weaning food, pushchairs and more.

Flying to your destination? Read our tips on flying with your baby

If you are going somewhere that you are not sure about, take the essentials:

A travel cot plus a couple of sheets and your baby’s sleeping bag as these will have a familiar smell of home. The phil&teds Traveller is the perfect choice, as it’s lightweight and versatile, can be used indoors and out and for sleep or play.

Your baby’s clothes, bibs and nappies (you may be able to buy your usual nappy brand where you’re going; if you use washables, or a particular brand that’s hard to find, make sure you pack enough or post some ahead to save on luggage space).

A pop-up blackout blind for the window and Snoozeshade for the pushchair to ensure you keep to you baby’s sleep times.

Your changing bag with plenty of cotton wool, a portable changing mat and nappy sacks.

A small nightlight may be useful if your baby usually sleeps with one plus travel plug adaptor.

Items to guard against the sun – a sunsuit, hat and loose clothing plus good quality sunscreen – we like Green People’s.

Your car seat, if you’re going to be hiring a car.

A travel highchair like the phil&teds Lobster

Your baby’s usual feeding equipment including sterilising tablets, a plug-in steriliser (and plug adaptor) or microwave steriliser if there’s a microwave at your destination.

A couple of favourite books and toys to help with the bedtime routing.

Buying a few carefully selected items can also help with trips to places you visit often, such as Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They might not want to completely baby-proof their home and buy lots of expensive equipment but if you choose some products that you can pop in the car boot or your bag, you are prepared wherever you are. A travel highchair like the phil&teds Lobster and a travel cot that doubles as a playpen such as the phil&teds Traveller are great things to get and are very versatile.

phil and teds lobsterEating out with baby

Eating out with your baby is one of the very great pleasures of travel, so make sure your baby will be as comfortable as you. While they are under six months or so, you’ll need a pushchair that goes completely flat but once your baby can sit, a great travel highchair like the phil&teds Lobster is a bonus. Packing completely flat in a travel case, it can slipped into your changing bag or suitcase and it measures just 35 x 34 x 8cm. It can be clipped securely onto almost any table, breakfast bar or bench top at home or when you’re travelling with its super-strong ‘lobster’ claws and it allows your baby to sit up to the table with you for family mealtimes in comfort and style! Your baby is held comfortable and securely with the four-point harness It can be wiped clean quickly and easily – you can even take the fabric off and hand washed it if it gets really mucky! The food tray is easy to wipe or can be popped in the dishwasher with other mealtime crockery.

Sleep and play, at home and away

A travel cot is one of the mist useful pieces of equipment you can buy for your little one. At home or away, you can use it for naps and overnight sleeping and you can also use it as a play space to keep your baby safe, inside or out. The phil&teds Traveller is one of the lightest on the market at just 2.8kg yet still allows plenty of space for your baby to sleep and play. It folds up into a compact package that will easily fit in your car boot, suitcase or on the train or plane and it is easy to assemble and pack away. It has an optional mesh shade that makes it perfect for outdoor play, in the garden, in Grandma’s garden, on holiday or at a festival. Best of all, you can take one mesh side down so that your baby can crawl in and out for play time. With fully breathable mesh sides, a thermally insulated self-inflating mattress and a fitted Oeko-tek certified organic sheet, you can be sure your baby is safe and comfortable wherever you are.

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