Vital Baby shares eco tips for parents

The popular weaning brand has some great ideas for parents wanting to tread more lightly on the planet

Many of us are more conscious about decreasing the amount of single-use plastics we use and are also aware of other environmental issues such as chemicals in water.  Vital Baby has seen an increase in the number of parents coming to them looking for earth friendly items to use at home or on the go that can be used for other purposesonce your baby has passed the weaning stage.

The Vital Baby Nourish range is great for feeding baby at home and on the go

One its website, Vital Baby takes a look at what we can all do as busy parents to help nurture the earth for your child’s future. 

Including tips on reducing the number of plastic bags you use, how to sterilise in an eco friendly way, how to keep your baby items clean, the benefits of re-using, to how getting out in the fresh air can make you feel better and keep fit and how wildlife can boost your mood, Vital Baby has some great ideas that are simple to do and practical for busy parents.

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