Why vitamin D is important for children

why vitamin d is important for children


The Government has recently recommended that everybody should be taking vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter and the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is especially important for children’s health and development.

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With vitamin D related diseases such as rickets making a comeback, it’s more important than ever that we are protecting our children from a deficiency that can be easily rectified with supplementation.

Children lacking vitamin D is ‘unacceptable’

Dr Benjamin Jacobs, consultant paediatrician and Director of Children’s Service at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital has spent years treating children suffering from vitamin D deficiency. He says: “This year, it has finally been recognised by the national authorities that all children need a regular intake of Vitamin D.

“It is difficult to get enough sunshine and from October until March it is not possible to make Vitamin D from sunshine in the UK. A daily supplement of 400 units is good for children of all ages.

“Doctors have campaigned to prevent skin cancer by protecting children from sunshine, so we now need to ensure children get Vitamin D by mouth. It is unacceptable to allow children to suffer a lack of vitamin D in this day and age.”

Supplementing from birth

Dr Jacobs says: “Babies in the UK should be given Vitamin D supplements from soon after birth, as there is not enough natural Vitamin D in a normal healthy diet, and there is not enough sunshine in the UK to allow us to make Vitamin D ourselves.

“Without Vitamin D there is a danger that babies will develop problems with their bones and muscles. Babies and young toddlers are particularly susceptible to low blood calcium levels if they do not have sufficient Vitamin D. It is easy and safe to give all children a daily dose of Vitamin D and this is now the standard recommendation in the UK and many other countries in Europe and North America.”

One spray a day, keeps low levels at bay

The Department of Health (DoH) recommends all infants and young children under five years of age use a vitamin D supplement. BetterYou’s DLux oral vitamin D spray range comes in different strengths for people of all ages and offers convenience and guaranteed absorption which traditional tablets, capsules and drops simply can’t. It’s a great option for children who can find tablets difficult to swallow.

DLuxInfant daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable from six months old and provides 300IU of vitamin D (the recommended daily intake by the DoH) with each daily spray. It has a great natural strawberry flavour.

DLuxJunior daily vitamin D oral spray is suitable for children from five years of age and provides 400IU of vitamin D (the recommended daily intake by the DoH) with each daily spray. It has a great natural peppermint flavour which is great for kids and is a fast, convenient and effective way to top up your child’s vitamin D.

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