Behind the brand: Sara Giese Camre of Cam Cam Copenhagen

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We spoke with Sara, who founded the Scandi-inspired interior decor company about her life and loves and how she came to put them together for her brand

“I was working as an architect for 10 years before starting Cam Cam Copenhagen. When putting together my nursery, I guess what I wanted was great interiors for kids that were in line with timeless Danish design traditions. We decorate the rest of our house with these ideals in ind, so why not the nursery?

“I really longed for muted, natural colours and subtle prints, yet all I could find at the time was very 1970s retro styles in heavy colours.

cam cam copenhagen

“I guess the impetus to set up the brand was a slow burn, as for months I was considering which products were most important to me and discussing it with my friends, who were all having babies at the same time.

“I love getting that great idea for a new design – it’s what gives me my biggest sparkle. I sometimes fall in love with designs or pirces of furniture and when that happens, I become so happy.

“Combining my work with family life works well because I share everything concerning the kids with my husband, almost fifty-fifty.

“I think you can be so much more flexible when you have your own business than wehn you’re an employee, because you can come and leave when you want to. That said, there are long days sometimes and we have a Nanny who helps out a couple of times a week.

“When I need to have some time to myself, I indulge in really good chocolate…handmade, organic stuff.

My top tips for Mummies who want to start their own business are firstly, to share the practical work with your husband; your work is just as important as his. If you can afford it, get someone to help out with the laundry, cleaning, ironing etc., so you can spend more quality time with your kids. There are only so many hours in a day and no one is going to thank you for doing all the cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing in your spare time, instead of playing a hand of cards with your kids.”

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