Behind the brand: Michelle Havill of Babiroo


Babiroo makes gorgeous organic cotton baby clothes that are certified Fairtrade and provides meals for hungry children each time you shop. In addition to selling online, Babiroo has a store in Ivybridge, Devon.

Before starting her organic baby clothes company, Michelle had a property refurbishment company but when her grandson Alfie was born and suffered from bad skin, she decided to start Babiroo.

“I wanted to create a line that encompassed all the wishes and dreams of new parents: the softest, most natural materials to surround your baby, the highest quality design and construction, and just as importantly, the hope of a cleaner kinder earth.

“I had no experience with manufacturing, design, sewing or retail but my passion was there to help babies, so I started a very long journey and collaborated with Under The Nile, and American company that had been established for 20 years.

“Because of Alfie’s skin problems, I couldn’t cuddle him and as I looked into his little face, I made a promise to him and to myself that I was going to research what causes skin problems and to make a positive difference to our babies.

“My research horrified me and I realised it was not just our babies’ skin that we needed to worry about. Babies have  immature immune systems when they come out of the womb and their skin allows chemicals and toxins to enter their blood stream and internal organs. 

Knowing this, I wanted to make a positive difference to our babies and children and also to help preserve our planet. As Margaret Mead said, it is an amazing feeling knowing you have made a difference to someone’s life.

“Choosing organic means choosing a kinder world where our precious resources and gifts are left unpolluted and our fellow people are not exploited or harmed for commercial gain. Today, nearly 20 per cent of all water pollution occurs through the making of non-organic clothing and many agricultural workers suffer the lifelong effects of exposure to toxic pollutants. Babiroo’s workers are provided with free organic food, free health care and education for their children and work in a Fairtrade facility where everything is given back to their community.

“We also feed a hungry child with every purchase.”

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