Hair growth tips for new Mummies

hair loss

The Hair Guru Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley gives her top tips on how to cope with hair loss after the birth of your baby

Many new Mummies experience hair loss after the birth of their baby. During pregnancy, our hair often looks and feels thicker and more lush, as the pregnancy hormones prevent hair being shed as it usually would. However, after the birth, this new hair is then lost and many women feel that they are losing enough hair to be noticeable to others.

While this isn’t usually the case and it might be that you are the only person to be aware of this loss, there are some steps you can take, as described by Anabel, to help keep your locks luscious

Anabe says; “In all instances of hair loss, a holistic approach to treatment is essential. While the products you use are an important part of treatment, keeping an eye on your general health, managing your stress levels, and boosting your nutrition are key.

“One of the most common causes of hair loss is iron deficiency. A healthy diet, eating adequate iron and proteins and taking care of your general health will help prevent both hair loss and hair thinning. To encourage new growth, try to eat a diet rich in protein and iron. If you leave longer than four hours between meals, snack on a complex carbohydrate, because the energy needed to form hair cells falls after this amount of time. A nutritional supplement such as Philip Kingsley Tricho Complex (£45) can also be extremely helpful as it provides the body with additional nutrients to produce hair cells.

“Shampoos and conditioners will not treat a hair thinning issue; they are simply not left on the scalp for long enough. However, regular shampooing is important as it keeps the scalp environment healthy – and this is key to healthy hair growth. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products can certainly give the appearance of more body and volume. When you style, use a thickening protein spray. This not only adds instant bulk to strands but also protects them from environmental damage. This is especially important for fine hair, as it is naturally more fragile and vulnerable.

“Manage your stress levels with yoga, Pilates, meditation, swimming, light exercise and/or mindfulness,” Anabel continues.

“Minimize breakage. Breakage can thin the appearance of your mid-lengths and ends. Use a weekly pre-shampoo conditioning treatment to restore elasticity and strength. I recommend our multi-award winning Philip Kingsley Pomegranate and Cassis Elasticizer (£34 for 150ml).”

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