Co sleeping; latest advice from The Lullaby Trust

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The charity The Lullaby Trust has put together some excellent resources this Safe Sleep Week to help parents understand what is safe and what is not when putting their baby to bed.

If you plan to co-sleep, here’s what to do, they say.

  • Make sure the area where your baby is sleeping is clear of adult bedding such as your duvet, pillows and blankets
  • Your baby should sleep on his or her back, as is usual advice for safe sleep, and never be left alone in an adult bed
  • If you feed your baby in bed, follow the above advice so that your bed is safe for your baby if you accidentally fall asleep
  • NEVER fall asleep with your baby on a chair or sofa. This increases the risk of SIDS more than 50 times

Read more about safe sleep for your baby

It is dangerous to share your bed with your baby if:

  • You or your partner have been drinking alcohol
  • You or your partner is a smoker
  • You or your partner are on medication that makes you sleepy
  • Your baby was premature or weighed below five and a half pounds

If any of these apply, make sure that you put your baby to sleep in their own cot, crib or Moses basket

Read more at The Lullaby Trust

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