Babymoov YOO-See Monitor Review

B Loves: Good range and clear sound quality

This neat and compact monitor is easy to use and has a handy loop that lets you hand the monitor up anywhere, or stand it on a surface in the nursery, or you can attach it to the wall. Ease of use continues with the buttons – each button has just one function, so there’s no confusing them. The baby unit is mains powered (it will need to be situated near a socket in the nursery) and the parent unit has a rechargeable battery or can be mains powered. The charge time is quite low, about three to four hours, so you’ll need to remember to keep it charged, though it does have a power saving mode and low battery alarm.

The parent unit has a good sized screen, 2.4“, which means it’s easy to see what your little one is up to and it also has fairly good night vision (it may be a little blurred)and you can zoom in – though you can’t move the camera’s angle and will have to set that when you place it in the room. The range is 250m too, which is quite good and it can be used anywhere in the house, though the range may not be quite so strong in the garden. However, there’s a handy out-of-range alarm

If your little one is fussing but not actually crying, it’s easy to soother them back to sleep by talking to them with the talk-back feature. You can also choose not to have the sound function turned on, just lights, so that if you have friends over or want to relax, you won’t be jumping up at every slight sound. The sound is clear and the volume can be adjusted and there should be no interference as the channels are selected automatically to be sure your neighbour’s monitor won’t interfere with yours.

You can connect up to four cameras, so you can watch more than one child or watch your baby if you put them to sleep in a different room.

The Small Print

  • Monitor type: Digital
  • Video display? Yes
  • Temperature display?
  • Talkback feature?
  • Range: 250m

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