Babyzen Yoyo 0+ Review

This super-light pushchair is fast becoming the favourite to be seen at the door of the airplane, as it’s great for stowing in the overhead locker

babyzen yoyo+

B Loves: A tiny pushchair that’s great for holidays and quick trips around town

Seat: Although this pushchair is one of the tiniest we have ever seen, the seat is surprisingly generous, thanks to its shape. It is deep enough for your child to feel protected and snug and it is also very easy to adjust as your child grows. Suitable from birth when facing the parent and from six months when facing the front, the seat will recline to a flat position for naps with the use of a strap on the seat’s rear – just support the seat from the back and pull on the strap to sit the seat back up again. To use with a newborn, the Yoyo has a babynest, which fits on parent-facing and allows you to have your child in this pushchair even from the earliest days. It comes with a headrest, a canopy and am apron, so it’s snug. The hood is not enormous but is generous enough to keep your child covered from the elements, is sun protective to UPF 50+ and it comes with a good raincover included in the price. It also has a viewing window so that you can keep an eye on your child. All the fabrics are machine washable, which will keep the pushchair looking great for longer.

Chassis: Small and curvy, the chassis makes this an attractive pushchair viewed from any angle and it has the usual swivel front wheels – though these do not have the option of locking. It is very simple to fold – just flip the handle down behind the pushchair using the two red buttons on the hinged point of the handle where it meets the chassis. Next, find the red lever behind the seat, pull this to release the lock and then pull up on the silver cross-bar located outside of it. as you lift, the wheels fall into place creating a neat package. There’s a carry strap too, so this is a great choice for the airport and it will stand when folded and even fit in the overhead locker on the plane. The only slight negative is that the brake is between the chassis and the shopping basket, so you have to have good aim with your toes! It is very positive and pushes forwards for on, backwards for off – no toe scuffing here. Suspension is good and is on all four wheels and though it feels sturdy there is a bit of ‘give’ in the frame when tackling bumpy ground or steps and helps counteract the hard foam wheels. This helps keep the ride a little smoother for your baby. Unfortunately it does not have an adjustable handle but it does feel soft to the touch. The new model has a larger shopping basket than its predecessor, so you’ll be able to take all you need for a day trip on holiday, at the shops or at home.

Wheels: As we have said above, the wheels are made from hard foam which means they will not puncture and will be hard-wearing but they are hard, so the ride can be a little bumpy over rough ground. They have solid sides and with the white chassis, the centre of the wheels is white too – striking, though easy to get mucky!

Extras: Includes a transport bag; you can add a YOYO+ board for a toddler to ride on. You can also add the Newborn Pack, car seat adapters, a mosquito net, parasol, cup holder, travel bag, raincover for the newborn pod or the seat unit, and a footmuff. 

Colours and fabrics: Choose from a black chassis with fabric in black, peppermint, taupe, ginger, peach, pink, red or blue, or a white chassis with the same fabrics, or there is a special Air France model, which features a navy blue shade softly paired with a new print reminiscent of the airline’s colors, with a touch of French elegance on a balck chassis.

The Small Print:

Used from: birth to 15 kg
Weight: 6.2 kg
Seat reclines: multiple
Size when folded: 52 x 44 x 18 cm

Car seat: New model can be used with a BABYZEN iZi Go ModularTM by BeSafe® car seat

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