Graco All Ways Soother review

B Loves: rocks and soothes your baby using motions that are like a parent

The new All Ways Soother from Graco is a baby bouncing chair with a difference. Not only does it rock and vibrate, both techniques that can help relax and soothe your baby, but it also has a side-to-side motion that is more like the actions a parent makes when they rock a baby in their arms.

The clever little seat has a Removable Rocker, which is the higher part of the unit including a seat and curved legs. This works as a stand-alone rocker and can be moved conveniently from room to room (don’t do this with your baby in it). You can use your hand to gently rock your baby and this mode is ideal for when you’re sitting watching television or relaxing around the house.

When you want to switch things up a bit, or get on with a few household chores, the seat clips onto an ingenious base that has a total of 16 motions altogether. There are two seating directions of motion, front to back or side to side, then there are eight movements that the seat can make, from zig zags, side to side or figure eights. For all, there are six swing speeds. Inside the seat is a five point harness to keep your baby safe and secure and the whole unit plugs into a socket to make the movements begin.

Inside the seat is a removable insert that is great for smaller babies and that can be washed.

It’s suitable from birth to around nine months (9kgs) and there are three recline positions, from flat for newborns to a more seated position so your baby can interact with what’s going on around him. There are also two cute toys that your baby can look at in the early days, laugh at them as they swing and then try to hit them as their motor skills improve.

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