Hauck Sit N Relax 3-in-1 review

B Loves: it’s great to have a piece of baby equipment that transforms into three pieces of furniture, to extend its life and enable it to grow with your baby.

The Hauck Sit N Relax 3-in-1 is a very clever piece of furniture It starts life as a little baby bouncer, can then be clipped to the frame as a higher-level seat and then transforms into a highchair too/

It comes with two different attachments one which is suitable for newborns, the other is amazing for toddlers of over six months.

Firstly, your little one can sit and relax in baby bouncer which is used at floor level. This makes a little gently bouncing or rocking seat which can either be used rocking or stationary. You move the seat yourself, or your baby’s kicking can help it to rock. There is a toy arch across the seat with two cute toys that your baby can watch and reach for and this can also be pushed to the side or removed completely. There is a three-point harness to keep your little one safe and secure. The seat can be reclined completely or allow your baby to sit up, so whether alert and playful or relaxed and snoozy, there’s a perfect position for your baby.


WIN the Hauck Sit n Relax worth £144.99

Next, there is a frame that has seven height positions that the bouncer can clip onto so that you can have your baby at the height that best suits whatever you are doing – watching the television, sitting at the dining table or doing some chores.

When your child gets too old for the baby seat, you remove it and add the toddler seat, which again snaps onto the frame. This is a clever seat that has a reclining backrest and a wide, supportive seat that will be comfortable as a chair or a highchair for meal times. It has an adjustable footrest so that your little one’s legs and feet are well supported. There is a food ray that can be used at meal times or removed for play. There’s also a storage basket under the seat – this is great, as you can keep some toys, bibs etc in this so they won’t distract your baby when you’re trying to get them to eat but they are always handy when it’s time to play.

Finally, the unit has wheels which allow you to move the whole thing from room to room – though you should never try to do this while your baby is in it.

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