Medela Breastmilk Storage Bags Review

B Loves: Easy to use and store and they help to keep track of your expressed milk

When you want to have a night out or go back to work, you’ll need a way to store your milk efficiently and with these bags, you’ll have the perfect way to do so. In a pack of 50, the ready to use bags from Medela make it easy to store and transport your breast milk and it’s always ready to use and to feed your baby. Convenient to use, they are also extremely hygienic and can be stored in a number of ways. They have a freezer-proof, double zipper protection that helps to prevent their leaking and they attach directly to your Medela breastpump. Because they store flat when not in use and are smaller than bottles even when full, they save space in your fridge or freezer and they also defrost quickly.

They each have a gauge to show you how much milk you have produced and there’s space at the top of the bags to write the date and time you expressed the milk, meaning you can always use the oldest milk first and not get mixed up.