Peg Perego Book S Pop Up review

B Loves: Gorgeous Italian style oozes from this upmarket pushchair and it comes with all the accessories you need to look well turned out every day. Super functional, too.

Seat Unit: The seat faces either way, so you can have your baby facing you when they are tiny and then facing the world when they feel the need to explore. It uses high quality fabrics that are soft yet durable and will stay looking great for ages and the details are excellent – the quality of the zips, the logo and other details will help you fall in love with this premium brand. The seat reclines 150 degrees (and can be operated with one hand) so that it is suitable from birth and sits right up so that older children can see properly. The hood is small and neat but a zipped section allows you to open it out further, to offer really good coverage form rain and wind as well as sun. It has UPF50+ protection. There’s a bumper bar that’s covered with eco leather that can open from either side or can be taken off all together and a nicely padded five point safety harness to help keep your baby safe.

Carrycot: Add the carrycot to make a cosy from-birth lie flat option (though the seat can also be used from birth). Choose from the handy foldable carrycot Navetta Pop-Up (not suitable for overnight sleeping) which means that you can fold the pushchair with it in place or fold it for easy storage when you’re not using it. It has a curved base which makes it good for short naps in the house as you can rock baby to sleep. Alternatively, choose the Navetta Elite which has an integral leather-look handle plus ventilation window and even a little loop to hang a toy from. The apron and hood keep baby cosy and there’s a system to allow air circulation in the carrycot. You can adjust the backrest and leg rest from the outside and the cot can be used for overnight sleeping. The lining can be removed for washing and there are two helpful pockets to store small items.

Chassis: There is a great suspension system on the Book S which uses ball bearings to get a nice smooth ride. They claim that it takes 30% less effort to push than other pushchairs of a similar size and weight! The handle is covered with eco-leather to make it comfortable to grip and it can be adjusted with just one hand through several heights, making it suitable for any height of parent. Designed to be pushed with either one hand or both, the handle has an unusual shape and you’ll soon come to appreciate its thoughtful design. The basket is generous with deep sides to allow you to fit plenty in without it spilling over and you can push down the spring-loaded rear section to be able to put more things in. It is also really easy to access as the seat and carrycot are set high enough above to mean you can reach in from all sides. The chassis folds easily and it can be done with one hand, in case you’re holding your baby in the other! It folds like a book, hence the name. There are two brake pedals and you can use either to engage or release the brakes – they are located next to each rear wheel.

Wheels: The wheels are made from a strong polyurethane yet are soft and bouncy and are designed to cope with any surface and offer a smooth ride; it will be as at home in the countryside or the city. The front wheels swivel through 360 degrees so that you can take corners with ease and they can also be locked in place. This is done with a switch on the chassis, rather than on the wheel itself, which means you don’t have to touch mucky wheels. It also helps avoid backache. If you often walk on very bumpy ground, you can add the Off Road wheels instead of the standard ones.

Extras: It comes with an apron for the seat unit and a rain cover but you can also add a carrycot and the car seat. There are also Off Road wheels and a rain cover for the carrycot.

Colours: The chassis comes in black or white and black and the seat unit, carrycot and car seat in Luxe Bluenight, Luxe Grey, Luxe Beige, Blue Denim and Luxe Opal.

The Small Print
•    Weight: 11.3 kg
•    Suitable: Birth to 15kg
•    Seat recline? Yes, several
•    Folded size: 85 x 59 x 35 cm
•    Car seat: Primo Viaggio SL

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