Behind the brand – Charlotte Melia of Dazzle & Fizz

charlotte melia

We spoke to Charlotte Melia, the MD of bespoke party planning company, Dazzle & Fizz to discover how the popular brand had its origins.

How was the company created?

I founded Dazzle and Fizz in 2010 when I was pregnant with my son. I was an actress at the time in London, so entertaining at children’s parties was a great way to make some extra money.

Dazzle & Fizz grew out of my acting; it began as an entertainment company and, as time went on and the party-planning and styling elements grew, it developed into the company it is today.

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Was it a light bulb moment or a slow burn?

As a professional actress, my focus in the early days was on the entertainment side of things. The development of the planning & styling came organically as I grew in confidence and experience.

How do you find your inspiration?

We take inspiration from many different platforms. Much of our style inspiration comes from popular fashion trends while the London theatre scene influences our entertainment ideas quite heavily. We’re particularly passionate about bringing our parties to life in every aspect through immersive entertainment.


dazzle and fizz

What’s your biggest indulgence?

I suppose that would be our people. We work as an ensemble and are constantly coming up with fresh, new ideas together. A main priority for me is to make sure we always have the best on offer, so where other companies may hire actors on a freelance basis, Dazzle & Fizz has our own theatre company. It helps us perform to a consistent standard while ensuring that each actor understands our clients and brand.

How do you juggle work and family time?

I’m not sure I always do, but I try my best! My son is 6 years old and has autism while my husband works away in the military, so life is a constant juggling act. Oliver’s grown up alongside the company so he’s very used to Mummy’s working life. It’s the strength of close family that keeps me grounded.

What was your favourite party theme?

It was probably a Paddington Bear event that we did this year. Not only did it look beautiful, it also had a strong educational value underlying it.

dazzle and fizz

Children were invited to choose a postcard and write their own message on it. Once addressed by the children, they were posted to their homes so every child received their postcard a few days after the party. The host loved it and it made children more aware of the fact that not everything has to be done by email – the personal touch can make all the difference.

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