Lucinda Croft of Dragons of Walton Street

Lucinda CroftLucinda Croft of Dragons of Walton Street

What does it mean to you to be a British brand?

It means a lot to be a British Brand as there are so many unique craftsmen in the UK and I feel so proud when a container load of hand made products consisting of curtains, hand-painted furniture, accessories, upholstery and bedding leave our head office in Sussex and are heading to the other side of the world.

What are the Brits best at?

Brits are the best at going the extra mile in small businesses across the UK to create a good job. I think Brits are really good at taking responsibility at their various roles and delivering the best they can.

How did your company begin?

Our company began in 1979 when my mother couldn’t find any children’s furniture for me and my three siblings. She originally had an Antique shop and had a few children’s chairs in the window and they sold faster than the antiques. Clients asked for tables to match and then more and more children’s items until there were no more antiques in the shop. It was our famous clientele who helped changed the culture for not spending money on your children to it being ‘acceptable’ to spending money on furniture for children. Our legacy is that our pieces are now family heirlooms and we are being asked to add new grandchildren’s names to existing furniture bought in the early 80’s.

Do you  export?

We export 50% of what we sell to over 70 countries worldwide. Our main overseas clients are in the UAE and we have developed excellent wrapping and packing systems so the room sets arrive in one piece. it is thrilling to think of all the different nurseries from Angola, Norway, Qatar, America, Monaco and many other places.

Dragons light houseWhat’s your best new product this year?

Our best new product is a night light which looks like a miniature house which is adorable. It can have a child’s name on it and is perfect for a baby’s room so there is a small glow at night when you need to see what you are doing!



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