Britax Advansafix II SICT BX Review

B Loves: This seat grows with your child right up to 12 years and has harness protection for longer than many seats

Britax has a great reputation for its safe car seats and this seat helps with a common problem – that of parents putting their children on a booster seat before the age of twelve. Though this may be legal, it does not take into account several factors; if children fall asleep, they can slip out of the diagonal belt of the car’s three-point seat belt and be unprotected in the event of a crash. The belt is not held at the correct position across the torso or on the pelvis, which may lead to injury and they are not protected from side impact.

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Luckily, the Advansafix solves all these problems from toddler years until your child no longer needs a car seat. It also has a longer period that the child can use the five point harness that is integral to the Advansafix, rather than moving too soon to a three-point car belt.

Installed using ISOFIT, the seat will stay firmly in place in the car using the ISOFIX points and a top tether (the Isofix prongs can be retracted later when you’re using it with the car’s three point belt). The fully adjustable five-point harness can be used right up to 25kg and thereafter, your child is held by the car’s three point belt. It has several recline positions so that finding a comfortable position is easy and little ones can nap. The guides can be adjusted as the harness could, so that the belt is always in the safest possible position across your child’s body.

Safety-wise, there are lots of great features. The chest pads and the Pivot Link system reduce forward movement in the event of a crash, sending the force downwards, which can reduce injuries. Rotation is reduced by means of the top tether, which attaches directly to the car’s chassis. The side impact protection is also very good as it has deeply padded side wings to protect your child’s head and the headrest and harness can be adjusted to fit your child as he grows using one movement. There is an indicator to help you know when you have installed the seat correctly

The cover can be removed for washing and there’s no need to remove the harness to get the cover off. The seat is well padded for comfort and there is a belly pad to help make the harness even more comfy too.

The Small Print:

  • Used from: 15 to 36 kgWeight: 11.2 kg
  • Fitting: With Isofix / Isofit to 25kg and three point seat belt when in belted mode 25-36kg
  • Group 1 2 3

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