Nuna Leaf Wind Review

B Loves: This stylish and functional seat can be powered by your baby or by a motor to ensure they are calm and soothed by its clever motion.

nuna leaf


The Nuna Leaf is a baby soothing seat with a motion that soothes and clams your baby. With its organic shape and contemporary colours, it will grace any home whatever the décor.

The fabrics look and feel premium. They are made from Oeko-Tex plush fabric which is organic and will be soft and chemical-free against your baby’s precious skin and the insert cushion is made from organic cotton.

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Your baby is held safely in place with a wide waist and crotch belt that secures using loops and Velcro and when you want to calm a fractious baby, you can give the seat a push and it will rock gently from side to side. The motion will keep going for quite a long time with just one push. When your baby is awake and ready for some fun, you can lock the seat in a stationery position and you can attach the toy bar over the seat or give your baby something to play with. This clicks simply into the sides of the seat and dangles three sweet toys over your baby, so that he can bat at them and improve his vision and focusing skills too. You could also use it when you want to feed your baby, as it’s the perfect angle.

There is another accessory you can buy too which is a hood with an insect net – perfect for summer days and trips abroad.

You can remove the seat from the base to make it smaller for both storage and travel.
If you wish to have a continuous motion – for example if you want to get your child settled while you get on with cooking dinner – just attach the Wind pack which creates a swaying motion without your having to keep pushing the seat. It simply clicks on to the seat and leaves you to get on with something important while your baby enjoys the soft and gentle swaying.

The Leaf comes in lots of great colours, so you’ll be able to find one to suit your home. You can buy it direct from

The small print:

  • Suitable from birth to 60kg
  • Weight 5.56 kg

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