Owlet smart sock

B Loves: An innovative way to monitor your baby

Owlet is a new concept in baby monitors created by a father who was concerned about the health of his baby.

Read our interview with Kurt Workman, the inventor of Owlet

This is a monitor that measures the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels continuously, housed in a comfortable little sock that you place on your baby’s foot while they sleep. The monitor sends the results of the tracking straight to your mobile phone so that you can keep a continuous eye on your baby’s wellbeing. There is also a base station that connects with the Smart Sock that has a green glow to reassure you that all is well.

The Smart Sock is a good addition if you find you are an over-anxious parent and are having trouble sleeping, even if your baby is sleeping peacefully beside you. We have all had those moments of hanging over the baby’s crib to make sure they are safe and well.

This monitor is particularly useful for parents of premature babies or those with health conditions that mean parents might need to keep a closer eye on them as they sleep – though as with any monitor, it is not a substitute for parental care and attention. You should also be aware that though the monitor is based on medical equipment used in hospitals, it is not a medical device itself and is merely intended to assist you with tracking your baby’s vital signs. You should ensure you observe safe sleep guidelines and never leave your baby unattended.

If the baby’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels fall outside of pre-set levels, the monitor will alert you so that you are able to take action or seek medical help.

The monitor comes with three socks, so you can have one or even two in the wash, the sensor, a base station and charging cords. The app can be downloaded to your own phone. It requires Wifi and iOS 8 or higher for iPhone, or 4.4 or higher for Android.

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