Phil & Teds Dot review

B Loves: Very, very slim – so it won’t slow you down on shopping trips!

phil and teds dot

Seat: Though the seat is narrow, like the frame, it will still fit a fairly large toddler. It is a tall seat, so older children will still be comfortable and it has a five point harness with one-touch release inside to keep your little one safe. The harness can be adjusted to continue to fit your growing child by just unclipping the shoulder straps and then re-attaching them and it has good pads for chest and crotch. The seat has several recline positions from flat to upright and is well padded. The seat faces the front and there is a removable bumper bar.

Chassis: The chassis is, as we have already pointed out, very slim. At just 59cm at its widest point, the pushchair will easily go through narrow shop doorways and you’ll be able to negotiate thin supermarket aisles with ease. It is also great for public transport, like getting through Underground ticket barriers. It is sturdy and sleek, coming in an all-black colourway. The centre of gravity when your child is in the seat is over the rear wheels, so it is easy to lift the front wheel to get up onto the kerb. It folds down in half, with all the seat and wheels tucked in, so it is easy to store in the house or put into a car boot. It also locks in place when folded. To fold, lock the front wheel facing forwards, raise the hood, then squeeze the red buttons under the front of the seat. This tips it all the way backwards and then the wheels collapse back and the frame locks in place. Under the seat is a good sized basket so you can carry a changing bag or some shopping and the brake is on the right hand side of the chassis, coloured red to make it easy to see.

phil and teds dot

Wheels: The wheels are 59cm large and the front wheel can be locked in place or swivel. They are ‘aerotech’ wheels that will not puncture. They also have a reflective strip around the tyre which will help when pushing in dim light.

Extras: The pushchair comes complete with a double kit, which means you can add a second seat under the first to carry two children of different ages. This makes it a great choice if you are pregnant for the first time but think you are going to have more than one child. You will need a rain cover, or the double cover if using the double kit (£20). You can also add a sun shade at £25, a cocoon baby carrycot (£59)which is a soft-shelled cot for tiny babies. The dot/sport snug baby carrycot, £139, can be used for overnight sleeping and will keep your baby even more comfortable.

The Small Print:

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Car seat: You can add the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix or Pebble car seat using adaptors