Stokke Steps Highchair Review 

B loves: grows with your child

The Steps is a great addition to Stokke’s highchairs stable. Fans of the Tripp Trapp are often incredibly loyal to that great highchair but the Steps has a few features that may cause some to prefer it or to choose it because of its distinctive looks.

The seat itself is a good size for bringing kids up to the right height at the dinner table, meaning that your child can always eat at the table with the rest of the family in comfort and safety. It helps with posture and all the other accessories clip onto the seat.

The first part you can add is the bouncer. With all the plus points of a baby bouncing chair, this can be used on its own when your baby is born and up to around four or five months. They can play in it when it’s n the floor and wave at the toys on the bar over the top. Clip it on to the chair to create a higher level seat that can be placed next to the table. Even before you start weaning, your baby can enjoy interacting with the family.

Once your baby can sit unaided for short period, it’s time to add the Babyset. With a height adjustable backrest and a five-point harness, it helps your baby sit with a god posture and it keeps him held in safely too. You can add a padded cushion in the colour of your choice.

Once they no longer needs the Babyset, the accessories come off again and it’s a neat little chair. The child’s feet are supported and their posture is adjusted so that their spine can develop well and they are comfortable.

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