Sleep Coaches and Counsellors

Baby not sleeping? At the end of your tether?

There is help out there so find a sleep coach or counsellor near you and try to help your baby learn to sleep well. Make sure you have a good chat and meet before you take someone on.

Helen Packham is a certified child sleep consultant supporting families with children aged 0-6 to gently implement sustainable healthy sleep habits. She is passionate about empowering parents to achieve whatever goals they wish for, regardless of breast or bottle, co-sleeping, or if they have twins, multiples or more! Helen uses gentle evidence-based and solution-focused approaches that support a secure attachment between parent and child.

Prices range from £10.00 for a comprehensive book on sleep to £250 for an in-depth consultation and follow up package consisting of email and phone support. She also offers workshops for families and ‘slumber parties’ for Mum groups.

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