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Daniel Lucas from We Made Me Ltd shares his babywearing journey.

B magazine caught up with Daniel, creator of the BabaSling, Pao Papoose and Wuti Wrap to discuss his personal journey into babywearing

How did you first become interested in babywearing?

My personal interest was ignited when I saw babies crying in their pushchairs. I often found myself thinking that the parent or carer should stop pushing and pick them up as I felt instinctively that would stop them crying. Crying is a way for an infant to communicate; their way of signalling something is needed. I am sensitive to the world in which I live and it was a natural instinct for me to become aware of wearing a baby. I understand parents can’t stop all the time, but I could see that babywearing would be a truly remarkable practice for parents and their little ones.

daniel lucasWas it becoming a parent that made you more aware of a baby’s early needs?

I have always been sensitive to the needs of the youngest generation, but it undoubtedly gave me a far deeper awareness of the one I already had. In fact, it was such a special time for me as I was able to enjoy and benefit from babywearing with my daughter, something I had been so passionate about for many years.

How did the theBabaSling® concept begin?

As I say, I was conscious of the need for a solution for parents and their little ones, an alternative to the pushchair, so when I saw someone babywearing for the first time, it truly excited me. I was inspired to investigate what carriers were available for parents and became determined, somewhat overnight, to develop a product so babywearing would become more accessible to all families.

Why is the sling different and what makes it so good?

I truly believe in theBabaSling®, we ensured we put what was good about other slings into one product to create the ultimate sling. Safety, quality and functionally is at the core of the design, but we were also passionate about making a product people wanted to wear.

What has it led to for you, in your personal and professional life?

Personally, it has given me a genuinely wonderful understanding on how to raise my own child, wearing my daughter Sophia developed a unique connection, a bond that potentially wouldn’t be there had I not worn her. Also, as a result of being worn, Sophia is a confident, outgoing girl with a great sense of balance. This is of course not solely down to being worn, but I know with all my heart that it was a major contributor and that makes me extremely proud.

On a business level, my work has grown far bigger than the commercial aspects one would expect of running a business and I am proud that, as we have grown as a brand, we have also grown as an authority within the babywearing community. It is not just about making and selling a product, I wanted to ensure we gave more to the consumer. It was a great honour to join the board of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) three years ago, and more recently as the Vice Chairman of the Baby Product Association (BPA). I take these roles incredibly seriously and consider it my duty to ensure babywearing is represented with great passion and integrity.

What’s next for you and the company?

2015 marks our 10th anniversary of being in business. We are planning some exciting celebrations throughout the year. The team at We Made Me Ltd is also weeks away from unveiling two new products that will see our already award-winning brand offering a progressive carrying solution for every babywearing need. Our new Pao Papoose™, a 3-in-1 soft-structured carrier has been uniquely designed to ensure baby has the ergonomically-correct seated position, while the gorgeous Wuti Wrap™ will keep baby close in the earliest hours and days. The new collection will support baby and their wearer on any journey they wish to go on and ensure families benefit from the wonders of babywearing for many years.

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