BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini Review

B Loves: Very soft, easy to use, small and perfect for newborns

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini is a different concept to most of BabyBjorn’s carriers, in that it is designed specifically for holding a baby for short times but often. It’s especially good for newborns when your baby needs lots of attention and prefers to be held closely to you, as it’s such a soft and small carrier.Your baby is held quite high on your chest, with the idea that you can kiss the top of their head and they can always hear your heartbeat.

If your little one has fallen asleep and you want to transfer them to the crib, you can simply unfasten the whole of the front section and then lift out your sleeping little one.

The Baby Carrier Mini is made from super-soft fabric provides great support for your baby’s back, hips and legs as it softly holds and hugs your baby’s spine in a natural C curve shape and you’re able to check your baby’s position while they are in the carrier, so you can make any adjustments you need to.

Baby Carrier Mini is simple to use, as it has adjustable buckles, which makes it quick and easy to put on, take off and adjust. The carrier is adjustable as your baby grows it has a head support that supports the head and neck well.

The carrier has been made with fabrics that are best suited to a newborn. They have been created with a special 3D mesh and jersey fabric with three layers, the middle one of which consists of a fine, single-fibre thread, giving the carrier the softness of padding but with excellent air flow to keep it cool and airy and avoid your baby overheating.  It also helps the carrier dry swiftly when you wash it. They say it’s as snug as your favourite t-shirt. It contains BCI-certified cotton with a slight stretch around your baby’s bottom area, plus it has a weave that makes it soft. 

The carrier is so small that’s it’s easy to take with you anywhere, so you can slip it into your pram’s basket or your changing bag so that you can swap from pushing to wearing your baby when they want a little more closeness.

Your baby can be held facing you from newborn to when they can hold their head up well (at around five months or so) at which point, you can turn them to face the world.

When your baby grows out of this carrier, BabyBjorn suggests you move up to the Carrier One.

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