Bebecar Prive Ip-Op Evolution Review

B Loves: Gorgeous looks and style

Seat: The generous and well-padded seat is fully adjustable, so both the back rest and the footrest can be moved to make it comfortable for your child. When they are tiny, the seat unit folds completely flat, suitable for newborn spines and the seat can face the parent or the world. As they grow, you can sit the backrest up and lower the leg rest. It’s easy to turn to face either way by simply squeezing the buttons on either side of the seat. Inside is a five point harness with good pads to keep it comfy for your baby. The bumper bar has a protective covering to keep it clean and can be opened from either side or completely removed, to make it easy to get to your baby.

Carrycot: This is quite a high-tech carrycot and it’s great if you are going to be doing quite a bit of travelling while your baby is small, or if you intend to use the carrycot in place of a crib around the house during the first six months. It attaches easily to the chassis with what Bébécar calls the “Easylock” system and it’s just as easily removed. The ventilated base (with four recline positions) is made from expanded polypropylene and aluminium, making it strong yet light and allows acoustic and thermal insulation, making it a little cocoon of peace for your baby. The liner is made from washable cotton to be soft against your baby’s skin. There’s an extended apron and wide visor to provide protection from the elements and you can see your baby and provide extra ventilation with the mesh window at the back of the hood.  It can even be used in the car, using the additional belts.

Chassis:  When you choose your pushchair set-up, you are able to choose a chassis that co-ordinates with the fabrics to give the pushchair that luxurious look. So the chassis comes in a stylish chrome for some options, champagne or white and the accents also co-ordinate with your chosen look. Love the Chestnut Special? The handle bar will come covered with brown leather to match the accents of the carrycot and the seat unit. The handle is adjustable to make it comfortable for any parent, no matter how tall or short and the brakes are handily placed on the rear wheels. The storage basket is quite roomy and has a lower front edge nearest the parent, so it’s easy to place things in the basket without disturbing your child. Despite being a ‘proper’ pram, the chassis is fairly narrow, which means that it will be easy to push through narrow shop and house doors and even to get it on public transport. Folding is easy and it’s one of the best things about the Ip Op – the pushchair folds down with a rolling action and it  is free standing when folded. You have to remove the carrycot or seat to fold and whilst you might have trouble fitting it in the boot of a micro mini car, it will go in most medium family cars easily enough.

Wheels: The front spoke wheels can be fixed in place or can swivel and you switch from one to the other with a button handily placed on the chassis near the side of the seat. The larger wheels are larger and have adjustable suspension for a smooth ride plus ball bearings. They can be removed for storage or cleaning.

Extras: The package that you will buy includes the seat unit, the car seat and the carrycot, so you get all you need. Just add a matching changing bag.


The Small Print:

  • Used from: Birth
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Seat reclines: Multiple
  • Size when folded: 66 x 51 x 33 cm

Car seat: The pushchair comes with a matching car seat.