Snacks for toddlers

snacks for toddlers

When you are out and about with your little one, hunger can strike at any time, so make sure you pack some snacks for toddlers to keep ‘hangry’ moments at bay

Super Yummies Bread SticksSuper Yummies Bread Sticks £1.70

These little sticks are great when you’re out and about, as they come in handy packages and are packed with the tastes of pumpkin and rosemary. Toddlers will love the savoury snacks, baked for a deliciously satisfying crunch and shaped to be just the right size for little tiny toddler hands – great to help your baby feed themselves.

Kallo Fairtrade Organic Unsalted Rice CakesKallo Fairtrade Organic Unsalted Rice Cakes £1.29

One of the most popular toddler snacks,
a plain rice cake can be a thing of beauty.

These are wholegrain with all-natural ingredients. They contain less than 3% fat and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Get FruityGet Fruity £2.49

A cereal bar is a great way to
stave off hunger and the oats in
this yummy recipe will help little tummies feel fuller for longer. These bars give a boost of energy and are packed with fruity sweetness but it’s all natural – no added sugar.

Bear ClawsBear Claws £2

Packed with flavour, these little bags have no added sugar and make up one of your child’s five a day. Best of all, your little one can make a monster from the various shapes inside the bag. This is strawberry and butternut squash flavour and there are two other varieties.

Yeo Valley Little YeosYeo Valley Little Yeos £1.50

Low fat fruit yoghurts are fabulous for giving your child a boost of fruity vitamins and plenty of protein too. These little pots are a great size for a small appetite and handy to take out with you in a cool bag.



Organix Goodies Sweetcorn Salsa Snappy Crocs

Organix Goodies Sweetcorn Salsa Snappy Crocs £2

These crunchy little snacks have been created using sweetcorn powder, a sprinkle of coriander and a pinch of paprika. They are made from corn and nothing but corn, with no added salt. Then they’re baked so they are tasty, light and crispy.

Piccolo PouchesPiccolo Pouches £1.10

The brand new, expertly blended Piccolo fruit recipes include Blushing Berries with Pear & Banana, a smooth pureé, which is a delicious combination of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with a smooth banana and pear blend. Pear, Strawberry and Blackberry Yoghurt with Wholegrain Oats provides a delicious creamy fresh yoghurt, which is not only full of taste but includes the extra goodness of wholegrain oats.